'Sharp Objects' detour

'Sharp Objects' is a 2006 novel by Gillian Flynn, who is probably best known for one of her other books, 'Gone Girl' (2011). 'Sharp Objects' was adapted into an eight-episode miniseries by Jean-Marc Vallee in 2018. The story follows journalist Camille Preaker as she returns to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, to cover the murders of two young girls.

Sharp Objects

Camille is a compulsive self-harmer, her modus operandi being carving words onto her body. In the novel, these are:

Cook, Cupcake, Kitty, Curls, Baby-Doll, Harmful, Petticoat, Wicked (p76)

Queasy, Perky, Cunt, Can't, Cock, Back, Clit, Cat, Vanish, Panty, Cherry, Sew (p78)

Baby, Bad, Cry (p79)

Lipstick (p138)

Unworthy (p146)

Whine, Milk, Hurt, Bleed, Belittle (153)

Catfight (p171)

Sugar, Nasty (p172)

Favourite (p187)

Dumpling (p189)

Bodice, Dirty, Nag, Finger, Widow, Finger, Whore, Hollow, Blossom, Bloom, Bonny (p193)

Wrong, Woman, Teeth (p217)

Trash, Pump, Little, Girl (p220)

Icebox (p230)

Freak (p236)

Nurse (p248)

Bundle (p261)

Wretched (p267)

Weary, Oven, Cattle, Bun, Spiteful, Tangle, Brush (p268)

Dosage, Bottle, Salt (p269)

Omen (p284)

Falling (p300)

'Sharp Objects', Episode 1: 'Vanish'

I can't remember the specifics of the time my Mum found out about my cutting. She had read my diary. I was maybe fourteen. She didn't ask to see. She only asked me if there were scars. I lied and said no. We never spoke about it again. I consider this a positive interaction. I'm a very private person. All I can think is that she did right by me for not prying. All I can think is that thank God that for her, there are no scars.

"Oh, dear God." I could feel her breath on me. She held up a bandaged hand, as if about to touch my chest, then let it drop. Behind her Amma whined like a puppy. "Look what you've done to yourself," Adora said. "Look at it."

"I do."

"I hope you just loved it. I hope you can stand yourself."

- 'Sharp Objects', Page 154: Camille's Mother, Adora, sees the full extent of her self-injury.

'Sharp Objects', Episode 6: 'Cherry'

Alice: "I always thought it was something you grew out of."

Camille: "Just never been very good at the 'adult thing', I guess."

Alice: "Peter Pan- of cutting."

Camille (joking): "Hm. I won't grow up, not me."

- 'Sharp Objects', Episode 3: 'Fix': An interaction between Camille and Alice, her roommate in a psychiatric hospital.