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ONGOING: I Don't Have Facial Features

"Nothing I Eat Tastes Right."

At the Bates Motel ('Psycho' (1960) dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

Extremely unproblematic and unbiased movie reviews. ('Sleepaway Camp'(1983) dir. Robert Hiltzik, 'The Silence of the Lambs' (1991) dir. Jonathan Demme).

Memoirs of a Battering Ram

Becoming inhuman ('The Collector' (2009) dir. Marcus Dunstan/'The Collection' (2012) dir. Marcus Dunstan, 'Yellowjackets' (2021-) created by Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson)

New Year's Resolutions ('Lost Highway' (1997) dir. David Lynch)

October Country ('Halloween' franchise (1978-2022))


Her impact... ('Bride of Re-Animator' (1990) dir. Brian Yuzna) ('Frankenhooker' (1990) dir. Frank Henenlotter) ('Patchwork' (2015) dir. Tyler McIntyre)

Hauntology or The Two Of Swords

Endless Summer

An Exchange Between Police Officers

Wait, this queer 'villain' is good, actually ('Murder!' (1930) dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

Change or Die but I did not Change (so I must have Died) ('Saw III' (2006) dir. Darren Lynn Bousman)

Easter Sunday

rabbits in the park

Hobby to Obsession to Place of Worship ('Bleeder' (1999) dir. Nicholas Winding Refn)

Transgenderism When You're Pregnant with a Car Baby ('Titane' (2021) dir. Julia Ducournau)

Planet Weirdo ('Rubin and Ed' (1991) dir. Trent Harris)

Unexplained Gods ('Encanto' (2021) dir. Byron Howard, Jared Bush) ('Groundhog Day' (1993) dir. Harold Ramis)

Antichrist days ('Antichrist' (2009) dir. Lars von Trier)